Learn How To Get Your Digital Campaigns Ready
For The Biggest Bump of the Year.

In the auto industry, all of us have a very good idea as to the ebb and flow of auto shoppers during the holiday season. But do you understand what’s happening in the digital space? How are shoppers using the Internet to prepare for their year end car shopping?

Let’s start with a couple facts and figures to set the tone. According to the New York Times, last year, December auto sales jumped 8.7% over November. This means that there’s substantial pent up demand for vehicles and consumers are ready to buy in December. Is your dealership prepared to meet that demand?

Beyond pent up demand, there are several indicators that point to big digital trends for December 2012.

In this chart, you’ll see two distinct and important trends. The first is the massive year over year increase in automotive search traffic from 2010 to 2011. Since 2007, there’s never been a larger annual increase in automotive search traffic than between these two years. This trend is expected to continue in 2012.

The second trend, and the one that is most applicable to this post, is the massive jump in traffic the week following Christmas. There is no other week over week period where there a greater jump in automotive search traffic.

If you haven’t adjusted your December digital marketing yet, there’s still time to do a little last minute shopping.

Here Are 5 Tips To Make Sure Your Digital Campaigns Are Ready For The Holiday Season:

  1. Increase Your Budget: There may be as much as a 100% jump in automotive search traffic during certain periods of the holiday season. Adjust your budget to accomodate. Depending on your campaign settings you don’t want to miss key searches or run out of budget early in the day.
  2. Add Display & Retargeting: Display campaigns drive search traffic. Let holiday shoppers know you’re having an event with a well placed display campaign and they’ll end up searching for your store (here’s a link to an article on effective display campaigns).
  3. Adjust Your Creative With A Holiday Message: Let car shoppers know that you’re offering specials for the holiday season. Small edits to your creative will help click-through-ratios. (Don’t get crazy here, ad copy is related to quality score, ask your digital marketing agency to advise you as to appropriate tweaks).
  4. Add Holiday Shopping Keywords: Not only do people search more often during the Christmas to New Year week, but they also search for terms related to holiday deals. Add a small ad group targeting holiday deal keywords and take advantage of a small lift in traffic.
  5. Content Is King: If you spend the time and money targeting holiday shoppers and driving them to your site, it may all be for naught if you don’t have appropriate holiday sales event content to match. Make sure you create compelling, relevant content and land customers on that page.