I’m really excited to be launching Haystak Digital Marketing. For over a decade, Moore & Scary Advertising has been providing some of the best marketing services to the auto industry – including digital.

In April of 2010, Moore & Scarry launched the Haystak search marketing platform at the Digital Dealer Conference in Orlando. Just eight short months later, Haystak became the third largest search marketing provider in North America. Since that time, our growth has been equally spectacular. Haystak has grown from a pet project to a leader in the digital marketing space. And in that same period of time, Moore & Scarry has experienced just as much growth.

So now, we’re taking the next logical step – positioning the two companies to be able to grow even further and continue to grow as market leaders.

Today, we’re launching Haystak Digital Marketing as a separate business – which creates an even brighter future for our digital marketing services. This move allows each of the two businesses to have better focus on their core competitencies and a clearer vision of the path ahead.

I’d like to congratulate all the team members that have made this happen and look forward to many bright years ahead.

– Duncan Scarry