Haystak Now Has Extended Marketing and Reporting on Dealers’ Search Advertising Efforts on Bing and Yahoo! Search

Haystak Digital Marketing, one of North America’s largest automotive digital marketing agencies, recently announced that it has been selected as a Microsoft Advertising Authorized Reseller.

With this designation, Haystak will be able to deliver the most effective Bing and Yahoo! search marketing solutions for their clients.  The agency is one of the first in the industry to become an authorized reseller and dealers can now benefit from the expertise, technology and Microsoft Advertising support that come with the reseller announcement.  Only businesses that demonstrate exceptional search advertising proficiency and scalability are selected as authorized resellers.

With access to Microsoft Advertising adCenter, Haystak Digital Marketing can efficiently market and report on dealers’ search advertising efforts and extend the reach and performance of their search marketing initiatives.  Authorized resellers also have access to Microsoft Advertising’s technical and account resources, as well as ongoing training and marketing programs and reseller support.  This level of support from Microsoft Advertising will allow Haystak to offer comprehensive, effective digital marketing campaigns.

“Microsoft Advertising is committed to partnering with others in order to unlock the value of digital marketing for small and medium-sized businesses,” commented Dave Waldrop, Global Director of Microsoft Advertising SMB Partners Group. “We are pleased to have Haystack Digital Marketing as a Microsoft Advertising Authorized Reseller, and we look forward to better serve auto dealers by providing compelling search advertising solutions on Bing and Yahoo! Search.”

Partnering with a Microsoft Advertising Authorized Reseller is beneficial for auto dealers wanting to maximize their campaign reach. According to comScore, over 30% of consumers’ online searches are now conducted on Microsoft and Yahoo! sites each month, which equates to more than six billion searches per month.  In addition, Microsoft and Yahoo! search sites receive over 160 million unique searchers each month, who generally spend about 20% more than the average searcher in the U.S.

“As I think everyone is aware, the Internet is ground zero for automotive shopping. With such an impressive command of market share, Bing and Yahoo! have to become more important parts of a dealer’s search efforts,” commented Duncan Scarry, founder and CEO of Haystak Digital Marketing.  “Our new relationship with Microsoft Advertising will allow Haystak to make sure the dealers using our platform are generating the most effective, efficient campaigns and get the absolute highest return on investment.”