Onboarding Instructions

Who is(are) the person(s) we will be reporting to? And their contact email?

This is a list of people you wish to have included on any account correspondence, which will include any weekly/monthly emails and automated reporting.

Dealer alias:

This is any other names that your dealership may be know by. For example a recent name change or Tom Chevrolet also know as Victory Chevrolet. Any variation that someone in the community may know you for.

Google Analytics:

If you need to add us as an administrator to analytics please follow these instructions:
Log into your Analytics Account – Select ‘Admin‘ in the upper right corner
This will open the admin panel.
From your account list, select your dealership’s website.
This will open up your account’s properties.
Select the ‘Users‘ Tab
Click  ‘+ New User
On the ‘Add User to Account‘ page, fill out the fields listed below with the corresponding information:
*Email =
*Role = Administrator
*Profile Access = (Your website)
Once these three items are filled out click ‘Add User

Dealer code:

This is provided to us so if we need to submit any creative or accounts to compliance or Google for trademark issues they will have the Dealer Code to reference for the manufacturer.

Display images / dealer logo:

When we are running retargeting or display campaigns we may need you to submit your dealership logo or Images you wish to use for these campaigns. Please provide those ASAP so we can get them incorporated in the creatives for the account.

Dealer slogan / advertising message:

This is any marketing message your store is advertising or known for. For example “No Haggle Pricing” or “Lowest Prices Around”.

Dealership url:

We need this to verify the correct landing location for the ads.

Mobile url:

We need this to verify the correct landing location for the mobile ad traffic.

Website provider:

We will need this to ensure all codes and account set up requirements are sent to the correct party.

Inventory feed provider:

We will need the feed for the Dynamic campaigns. We will cc: you on all correspondence and may need support obtaining this feed. Watch for any emails requesting your approval from Homenet and from the Feed provider.

Dealership sales phone number:

This is the number to which anyone calling from your search ads will call into. This can be your regular dealership posted number or a call tracking number provided from your CRM. We will use this number as the destination number to any phone numbers we use for tracking purposes.

Dealership sales email:

This is the email in which all internet email sales would be directed.

Dealership IP address:

(List all available)

This is needed to block Google analytics from showing traffic from in house traffic within the website. You should include all IP address that are within the dealership that may be on the website.

What is an IP address?

Every device connected to the public Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses consist of four numbers separated by periods (also called a ‘dotted-quad’) and look something like

Since these numbers are usually assigned to internet service providers within region-based blocks, an IP address can often be used to identify the region or country from which a computer is connecting to the Internet. An IP address can sometimes be used to show the user’s general location.

Because the numbers may be tedious to deal with, an IP address may also be assigned to a Host name, which is sometimes easier to remember. Hostnames may be looked up to find IP addresses, and vice-versa. At one time ISPs issued one IP address to each user. These are called static IP addresses. Because there is a limited number of IP addresses and with increased usage of the internet ISPs now issue IP addresses in a dynamic fashion out of a pool of IP addresses (Using DHCP). These are referred to as dynamic IP addresses. This also limits the ability of the user to host websites, mail servers, ftp servers, etc. In addition to users connecting to the internet, with virtual hosting, a single machine can act like multiple machines (with multiple domain names and IP addresses).

How to find your IP address simply go to this site from your computer.

Competitive stores in your area:

This is a list of any competitors that you are looking to target. For example Bob Chevrolet or FT Myers Toyota would work as a competitor.  These can be dealerships outside your targeted geo as these will be keywords.

List 10 names of cities or regions you would like to target inside or outside the targeted radius:

(This will be used for search terms in addition to regular geo targeting)

These would be high traffic or city terms you want to target. We also use this to target larger metro areas just outside your targeted Geo. For example, someone inside your target Geo searching a city that you may not have targeted we would still show up if they use this term. We suggest 10 in general but can be increased/decreased as needed.