Haystak Paid Search

Haystak is the leading digital marketing platform for auto dealers. The Haystak Digital Marketing platform empowers dealers to create high return-on-investment search engine marketing campaigns and track the performance of those campaigns like no other offering in the industry.

Why Paid Search for Auto Dealers?

  • 84% of auto buyers use the Internet to research their purchase.
    Search engines are a key factor in how consumers select vehicles and dealerships.
  • Next to the in-store experience itself, Internet research is the
    most influential element of the shopping process.
  • Search engines and dealership web sites are the most influential
    of all online resources.

Haystak Automotive Paid Search Features

Budget Management

The Haystak Digital Marketing platform will help you maximize your traffic and stay on budget. Haystak analyzes your budget each day and makes adjustments to daily spends to ensure you won’t run out of funds and get the maximum results. Plus, Haystak can automatically shift funds from under-performing campaigns to ones limited by budget

Bid Management

Each day, the Haystak Digital Marketing platform scours through each of your digital campaigns and adjusts bids based on your key performance metrics. The platform adjusts bids to:

  • Maintain specific ad positions
  • Optimize for phone and email conversions
  • Optimize for user engagement
  • Achieve target click-through-ratios

Dynamic Campaigns

The Haystak Digital Marketing platform’s dynamic campaign creation tool builds ads based on your actual daily inventory. The dynamic campaign creation tool creates highly targeted keywords and vehicle specific ads for each unit and groups of like inventory. All ads are then deep-linked to actual inventory or inventory search results.

Dynamic Gets An Update

Take advantage of Haystak’s new automated daily campaign adjustments powered by vAuto’s “Live Market View”. Know your vehicle’s marketability.


Haystak recently made some performance enhancements to our Dynamic Used Car Ad platform. Integrating with vAuto’s Provision Pricing allows Haystak the ability to identify how a vehicle is priced to the dealers market. Being armed with this information we can improve bidding policies to be more or less aggressive for a search auction. We can also identify marketable attributes based on that results and update ad messaging to enhance those features.

VBBM – Value Based Bid Management
Dynamically adjust your marketing strategy for each used vehicle based upon its price to market results. Adjust your bids and ad message around highlighted marketable differences.

  • Identify Price to Market Value
  • Establish Best Practices for Bidding/Ad Message
  • Dynamically changes daily – As the market changes we will adjust accordingly
  • Proven performance gains for search metrics utilizing this integration

ABBM – Age Based Bid Management
Dynamically adjust your marketing strategy for each used vehicle based upon it’s time on lot. As inventory ages on a dealerships lot we can change bid strategies around the aged inventory.

  • Manage your Aging inventory
  • Become more aggressive early in a vehicles life cycle
  • Stop spending dollars on vehicles as they age
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