Too often online marketers and advertising companies focus all of their search efforts on Google and Google only. While Google does control the majority of online searches, they aren’t the only search engine being used by consumers that you want to target. The Bing Yahoo! Network now represents 153 million unique searchers and 30% search share in the United States. The networks also consist of 47.3 million unique searches not on Google.

Bing and Facebook search

Microsoft has spent a great amount of time and effort developing and growing their search platform. This includes acquiring a strategic partnership with Facebook to generate Bing-powered Ads and search results without ever leaving the social network. They’ve also developed products like the Windows 8 phone and the Microsoft surface to enhance the Bing search experience.

Bing search is a virtually untouched source of unique visitors. What does this mean for marketers? For the automotive market, it means your dealership is missing out on new consumer traffic and possible sales leads. The automotive click share on the network exceeds the average by more than 13 % and reaches more consumers who research and buy vehicles online and offline.

The paid search platform on Bing is currently underutilized and full of opportunities. The paid platform and traffic encompasses the best of both worlds, you have users who are more engaged and you can acquire them at a lower cost. You only pay when your Ad is clicked, and you set the daily amount you want to spend. Plus, Bing offers less competition for ad position. It will also cost you far less for a better rank on a competitive keyword phrase, giving you a much higher return on investment.

The quality of automotive consumer traffic is higher on Bing, with the median age of searchers being the 35 and over group, with a focus on the 55 to 64 age. This shift in age demographic results in automotive consumers spending 47% more than the average searcher. Organic search visits on Bing also illustrate high engagement rates due to more page views per visit and better conversion rates.

The Bing Yahoo! Network provides a better search experience for consumers while giving advertisers the opportunity to maximize their search efforts. Most importantly it’s a market where your target consumers are and your competitors aren’t (for now), so being an early adopter will surely help launch you ahead of the competition – and complete your search dominance!